Tech Article Valve Adjustment

We get may questions related to the proper way or correct way to adjust valves on a solid or mechanical roller cam. This brief article will explain the correct way to accomplish the task. First off it is critical that when you adjust your lash that the valve you are adjusting is on the base circle of the cam. This is not as easy as it may sound especially if your ramp speed is high and you  have little overlap. I usually start at the front of the motor on either side and work my way back as I adjust valves from front to rear.

Start at the intake valve on that cylinder and rotate the motor clockwise until the exhaust valve on that cylinder  just starts to open.Stop and adjust the intake. Then rotate the motor again clockwise until the intake valve is fully open then closes half way. Stop and adjust the exhaust valve. Then move the the next cylinder repeating the process until you have adjusted all the valves. Just remember that on any cylinder you are working on adjust the intake valve when the exhaust valve just starts to open and adjust the exhaust when the intake fully opens than closes halfway. This technique will insure that the lifter is always on the cam base circle of the valve you are adjusting.